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Welcome to St Clare's we are a Talk for Learning and Coaching School!

St Clare's a Talk for Learning & Coaching School

We would like to tell you about what makes St Clare’s unique and why you might be interested in choosing to send your child to us, apply for a job here or even as a professional colleague in another school arrange to visit to see what we get up to!

St Clare’s has radically changed its pedagogy (the way the children learn and teachers teach) to a style known as Talk FOR Learning which has further evolved to make us a Coaching School.

The fundamental driver for this change is because as a staff and Governing body we put the children first. We want to inspire in them, a love for learning, to be independent and to be successful, recognising how this makes you feel as an individual and as part of a team.

Talk for learning is about teaching the children structures that are used to enable them to learn. In the initial stages children are taught about positive assertive body language when listening and speaking to someone else. It may seem obvious but we teach the children how to sit, offer eye contact and demonstrate to someone else that you are listening. If you walked into our classrooms you would hear the terms “Echo, pause, rewind.” as part of the everyday language. Once this is secure the teaching moves on to bigger structures such as carousels, envoy, rainbow to name but a few.

The impact on the pupils has been incredibly positive and therefore wanted to empower our staff just as much. The school has implemented a monitoring system through a coaching model. This coaching model unapologetically strives for continuous improvement but is undertaken with the staff, rather than being done to. It has built trust amongst staff as well as open dialogue between colleagues wishing to find the best way to improve their practice.

For more information about either Talk for Learning or Coaching see the page under the Home tab for documents and links.