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Welcome to St Clare's, we are a centre of excellence for "Talk for Learning"!

For children


We have  put together some pages of information for children by children.

Please come and visit our school we are very friendly.

Here is our action plan!

This is what we would like to achieve before we leave the school.


What? How? Who? Cost How will we know if we got it right?

Toilets for the children




Improve the playground by adding to the end, near the tyres, with playground equipment.




New netball nets on the playground.

By raising money to help the school pay for it.



Get people from playground companies and charities to see if they can help us for free.



Raise money

School Council - the children & Mrs Freeman



Children to write to them and see if they can help us with money or doing the playground




School council and PTA












The toilets will be new (the ones we have now are 40 years old). They won't smell anymore.

We will be able to use the playground all year. The children will like playing on the new part of the playground.

We will be able to play netball and have a netball team.