Convent Drive, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 3SF

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Welcome to St Clare's, we are a centre of excellence for "Talk for Learning"!



How long is your break and lunch?

Our break is 15 minutes and our lunch is 1 hour long. The infants have an afternoon break and juniors sometimes get one if they've earned it through marbles in the jar.

Do you have house points?

We do not have house points but we do have marbles (whole class award), dojos (individual awards) or rainbow rewards (individual awards) and some teachers do extra things like raffles. We also get star of the day, everyone gets a turn and then the people in our class write nice things about us and we can take a copy home.

What do the school dinners taste like?

They are really nice and you get to choose between different choices. The pudding is really nice and we like the salad bar as you can have as much as you want.

What are the people like at St Clare's?

Everyone is nice and friendly. The teachers look after us and make sure we learn. They give us first aid if we get hurt. Sometimes we fall out and the grown-ups listen to all of us so it is fair. If children are mean to you then you must tell the teachers as they stop it from happening.

What games do you play at break time?

We play hide and seek, tig and homey. We also have equipment out at lunchtime. During the summer we play football on the field. Wet breaks we have games in classrooms.