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 This is the Summary of the PE and Sports Grant Spent during 2016-2017

Number of pupils 176
Total Grant Received £8880 (two instalments £5180 and £3700)


Summary of Sports Grant Spending

North West Leicestershire School Sports Partnership membership 2016-2017 To ensure high quality sporting provision for all pupils and access to competitions at all levels; CPD for staff; support with compilation of strategic documentation. Buy in to Option 3 (see below for specific provision)

£4500 + £5 per child in school in Key Stages 1 and 2(168)

Total £5340

Gymnastics through Coach Unlimited To provide high quality Gymnastics CPD lessons for all staff £2220
Swimming Safety Training To provide STA Level 2 Safety Award training to staff £100
Activ 8 Membership Local council initiative to engage children with sport outside school £289.50 (£1.50 per child)
Affiliation Cross Country To enable pupils to participate and compete in a number of cross country events outside school £33
Transport Costs To enable as many pupils to attend athletics competition £320
PE Equipment To provide and improve quality of PE equipment £245.50
Gymnastics Mats To improve quality of PE equipment and lessons £332
TOTAL EXPENDITURE 2016-2017 £8880

Impact of Spending:

  • See PE Report for 2016-2017 showing participation statistics, CPD attended and competition entries.
  • Successfully fulfilling the requirements for the award of the Bronze School Games Mark 2016-2017.