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Wider Curriculum

Please note that the policies are numbered in accordance with the catalogue number of the policy as held in school and therefore the numbers below may not be sequential.  There are numerous policies for different aspects of school life and the running of St. Clare's. The policies that are relevant or may be of interest to website visitors are listed below.


1. Accessibility /Disability Plan

2 Admissions (see admissions under school information)

3. Anti-bullying policy-May 2018          Anti Bullying Appendicies                 (child friendly documents on Anti-Bullying under pupil information)

4. Assessment

6. Attendance/Collection Policy


8. Behaviour Policy

8A. Exclusion Policy

10. Charging and Remissions

11. Safeguarding,   

12. COVID19 - School safeguarding policy addendum.

13. Collective Worship


15. Complaints

16. Confidentiality

25. First Aid

25.a Medical Conditions in School

26. Food Policy

30. Headlice

31. Health & Safety

33. Homework Policy and copy of   Home, School Agreement

36. Marking Policy

43. SEN Policy

47. Volunteer Agreement

48. Sun Safety

51. Uniform Policy        Appendix 1 PE Kit      Appendix2 Pictorial Examples     Appendix 3 Concerns

53. Whistle Blowing Policy

57. Lettings Policy - Please contact the school office to request a copy

60. Single Equality Policy  and Equality Objectives 2019/2023

74. Disorderly conduct and Threatening Behaviour

Walking home alone Policy