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Welcome to St Clare's, we are a centre of excellence for "Talk for Learning"!

Welcome to Foundation Stage

Teachers: Mrs. Lees and Mrs. Palmer

Teaching Assistants: Miss. Spence and Mrs. Glauds.

EYFS Home Learning

Beginning 20th April

Daily activities to be completed each day are as follow:

  1. Count from 0-20 or more!
  2. Count backwards from 10-0.
  3. Read and share your phonics sound cards.
  4. Read everyday using your reading book or from the Oxford Owl website to pick a new book. Record book in reading diary.

Monday 20th April


Tuesday 21st April


Wednesday 22nd April


Thursday 23rd April


Friday 24th April


Maths - click on the links and you will be taken to a website for learning.

Top marks website

New dinosaur activities:

Order the dinosaurs 1 -20. Cut and stick dinosaur activity. Print out and order the dinosaurs. 

Identify the dinosaur. You will need an adult to help you read this. It's fun sorting the dinosaurs.

Who am I? Print out the cards and match the dinosaur cards to the correct fact cards. Do this as a family.

Hide-a-saurus.  Share a dinosaur pdf book together.

Dinosaur phonics. Play the game of phonics. Can you crack the right egg open? Start with the "sh" sound and work your way through the phonics sounds.

Maths activities:

  • Add numbers to 10 Click here to add numbers together. Click on the word 'on' and two numbers will appear with the correct amount of objects. Your child needs to count the objects and find the total. They click on the write answer to complete the challenge. It's a really fun game!
  • Take away/ subtract Click here to learn to subtract. Pick take away 5 first. Read the number sentence and problem with your child i.e. 4-2=  Then click on two objects and they will be taken away. Start with the ice-cream as it melts when it is taken away.Finally, select the correct answer. When your child can do this pick other objects and then try to subtract from 10.
  • 1 less and 1 more up to 20 Click here to add one more to a number up to 20. Use the numberline to help your child and show them one more. Use objects with each question to show them how to count and add one more. We are adding 1 more to 10 and taking 1 less from 10 in class so this is a challenge but with your help it will be a good learning exercise. The website also does 1 less from 20 - again your child will need support to complete this activity. It is important to use objects alongside the task and encourage accurate counting and pointing to objects carefully as they count them. Be careful not to let your child rush when they point and count. Try to use your flashcards and see if your child can say the number and find the numbercard that shows 1 more or 1 less.
  • 2D shape patterns This is a fun shape and pattern activity. Start with level 1 and move up the levels as your child is able to complete them correctly. Can they make their own patterns with toys that they have? i.e. green dinosaur, blue dinosaur, green dinosaur, blue dinosaur. Can they draw their own pattern? Your child could make a scarf with a nice pattern.
  • Numberblocks   We use numberblocks in our maths lessons. We have been picking episodes that show 1 more, 1 less, adding numbers together, subtracting numbers and ordering numbers. This is a very useful resource. Choose an episode to watch linked to one of the ideas listed and use your number cards and objects to have a go at what is being taught. Use a whiteboard and pen or paper and pen to record what you do together. Please upload photographs of any work completed on class dojos and we will look at it. Also, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask about work.  
  • Phonics
  • Phonics is key to learning about reading and writing.  Please have a go at the different activities.  We have recently covered the sounds as follows: sh th ch ng ai. Over the next few weeks we were covering oa  ar.  We will add more for you to focus on as the days go by. Have a look at the individual sound a-z and then move onto sh th ch ai oa ar. Thank you for your support in this.
  •  Look at Phase 2 and Phase 3. 
  • Username: march20
  • Password:  home
  • We have free access to Phonicsplay whilst we are in this situation. Please focus on games with actual (real) words. We have not introduced the children to alien words so games such as trash and treasure are not ones we would pick. The best one to look at is: Pick a picture.
  • Alphablocks Phonics online
  • Please watch the episodes on alphablocks particularly focusing on cvc words
  • i.e. v-a-n. A cvc word is a word starting with a consonant, then vowel and then another consonant i.e. c-a-t.
  • Phonics websites and apps leaflet.
  • Reading
  • Oxford Owl Parent information. This gives lots of information to parents about reading.
  • Oxford Owl -  read lots of e-books for free - Choose 4-5 years old. Please have a look at these as there are online books to read which are the same as what we send home in the children's bookbags.
  • Please click this link for information and instructions on how to use this online reading resource at home.
  • Writing
  • Minibeast booklet Have a go at writing about minibeasts at home. Use the helpsheet for ideas.
  • Helpsheet for minibeast writing booklet
  • RE Activities
  • There are 4 bible stories that we learn about in Year 3, on the attached sheet are some activities for you to do after reading them.
  • Prayer ideas and Home Liturgies
  • *NEW* Cafod Home Learning

    Worksheet  Look22Mar2020.pdf

    There is also a virtual children’s liturgy that can be accessed live (or at a later time), by registering with CAFOD

  • Physical exercise: GO NOODLE - Have a go! It's great fun as a family!

We like banana, banana, meatball!

SPRING 2 2020

We have really enjoyed learning in our new classroom. Our next topic is minibeasts! The children are very excited about this!

Our first day of school!

Our buddies from Year 6 - They help to look after us. We have worked together and had lots of fun with them.

Working and playing with our buddies!

We love Talk for Learning. Here we are doing some activities together.

Autumn 2 topic is 'Dinosaurs and Autumn.'

Following this, we will be learning about Christmas as the celebration of Jesus' birthday. So far we have talked about Bonfire Night, Hanukkah (Jewish celebration) and our birthdays.

We are enjoying our maths activities. Lots of them are about dinosaurs.


We love to share books together. 


We are learning our letter sounds together.


We have learnt about Baptism. We enjoyed role playing how to welcome a baby into the church.

Baptismal candles

We made our own Baptismal candles. We added on symbols and our names.


We made Hanukkah cards and menorah candles. 


Enjoying our P.E. lessons

Family Art Day 2019 

World Book Day 2019