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Head Teacher


Dear Parents,

As you know the Government have confirmed that schools will be opening to Reception, Year 1 and 6 and continue to provide places for the children who have been attending school during the lockdown (Key Worker and identified children) on Monday 1st June.

We have rearranged school so that we can accommodate these children. If you believe that you are a key worker and need a place it is important you contact school a book a place as we must adhere to maximum bubbles of 15 children.

I ask that parents park at Scotland’s Car Park and avoid driving and parking on Convent Drive. Children and parents have been asked to queue on the footpath and cars driving down to the school increase the risk of harm to pedestrians. We ask that whilst waiting to drop your child off you remain 2 metres apart from others and follow the one-way system to avoid close contact. If we find that there are safety issues on Monday, we will review the system and may have to issue staggered drop off times for children. DO NOT bring bicycles or scooters unless you are prepared to take them home with you, storage at school for these will not be possible at this time.

We ask that children only bring named water bottles into school. All other resources will be provided. Packed lunches and snack will be provided for Reception and Year 1 children and those eligible for free school meals, at no cost to parents. We would encourage Year 6 to take up the school packed lunches at this time. St Clare’s kitchen has a 5* rating for hygiene so we will ensure that all the government guidelines are adhered too. If for any reason Year 6 parents do not wish to use this facility lunches must be wrapped in disposable wrappings (cling film, foil, etc.) so that everything can be thrown away at the end of lunch.

I have reattached the information for you regarding the reopening which was sent previously. We are looking forward to seeing the children and want to keep everyone safe. I apologise in advance if any of these measures seem extreme but we are following Government, DfE advice and the Trust risk assessment.

Kind regards,


Louise Freeman