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Welcome to St Clare's, we are a centre of excellence for "Talk for Learning"!

A very warm welcome from Mrs Liddle, Mrs Welding and Mrs Redfern

Year 5's Home Learning

Below is a suggested timetable 

See below a suggested outline of work for the week beginning 1.06.20



Wednesday 3.06.20

Thursday 4.06.20

Friday 5.06.20


 Gratitude Workshop and Poetry Competition

Some lovely activities to complete with your children.


Worksheet 1.docx

Worksheet 2.docx

Worksheet 3.docx

HH Poetry Comp letter.doc

R.E Activities

There are 5 Bible stories that we learn about in Year 5, on the attached sheet are some activities for you to do after reading them.


Prayer ideas and Home Liturgies

*NEW* Cafod Home Learning

Worksheet  Look22Mar2020.pdf

 There is also a virtual children’s liturgy that can be accessed live (or at a later time), by registering with CAFOD


*NEW* Home Learning Packs

This learning pack includes some more year 5 maths and grammar sheets. Each ‘lesson’ has one page of varied fluency (VF) that helps children practise the skills and then a second sheet is provided full of problem solving and reasoning questions (PS/R) to show a deeper understanding and applying the skill.

The answers are provided and there is also a document full of really useful practical ideas to support home learning!


Practical Ideas

Maths and Grammar sheets

Guidance and Answers


Maths Activities

There are folders below, all of the folders contain a PowerPoint, worksheet and answers for different Maths objectives.

Addition of whole numbers

Subtraction of whole numbers

Addition and subtraction problems

Compare and order numbers to 100 000

Cube numbers

Divide by 10, 100 and 1000

Multiply by 10, 100 and 1000

Negative numbers

Numbers to 10,000

Roman numerals

Rounding numbers within 100,000

Rounding number to 10,100 and 1000

Rounding to estimate

Square numbers


 Reading Comprehensions

Click on the folder to open the activities. You can read the comprehension on the screen and write the answer to the questions in your exercise book. The answers have also been provided in a separate folder.

Affect on climate change                A letter to Lord Mayor

The Black Death                             Dino Island

Parkour                                           Are video games good for children?

Robert Scott                                   Giraffes

The Battle of Hastings                   How did the Titanic sink?




 Please refer the attached link below for information

Closure letter and information

Terminology tables



Website suggestions



Internet safety

*NEW*- Internet safety