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Welcome to St Clare's, we are a centre of excellence for "Talk for Learning"!

A very warm welcome from Mr Ashenhurst and Ms Ormandy

Year 5

Rainfall Gauges

World Book Day

Dukes Barn

Junk Modelling

Year 5 had a marvellous time junk modelling. We researched Anglo-Saxon objects, designed junk models, then evaluated our end products.

KS2 Carol Service

Saint Clare’s Choir

The Saint Clare's Choristers sang beautifully and most harmoniously at the Chairman’s Civic Christmas Carol Service; Mr Ashenhurst was very impressed by his choristers’ performance.

Steel Pan Christmas Performance 2018

Year 5 had an absolutely wonderful time on our school trip to The National Space Centre. 

Judo Experience

The Sacrament of Marriage

We sang beautifully, with gusto and enjoyment.

In Year 5 the children plan and lead their own liturgies, which are most reverent and spiritual.

My pupils applied their mathematical fluency today, to a new problem and reasoning question. Well done!

Two of my pupils led a thoughtful class liturgy, where we prayed for strength for those who need courage. We asked Our Lady, to hold those who feel weak in her loving arms, as we said the Hail Mary.

Year 5 came together in song, thinking of those who need Christ’s great courage, at this time.  

The children now have log ins for Prodigy mathematics, which have been very well received. The children have been given a letter which details how you can connect to your child's prodigy maths account, so you can view their progress. 

Year 5 earnt some dancing time, due to their hard work. Mr Ashenhurst even joined in!

Sensational sports people!

Y5 start each morning by applying their mathematical skills!

Today in Year 5 we have been doing tag rugby. I think the children enjoyed it, as they were quite excited. What wonderful rugby players they are!

Today in Y5 we are standing proud and presenting persuasive speeches, in order to persuade our class mates to vote in our student council election. Very mature, very mature indeed!

Today the children really developed their knowledge of the place-value of digits in numbers up to 1,000,000! Ask your child about digits & place value, you’ll be impressed.

The children have used our maths working wall to develop our:

-Mathematical Fluency


-Problem Solving

Saint Augustine

We thought about the words of St. Augustine “To sing is to pray twice”, before singing. The children certainly lifted up their hearts, with the Holy Spirit.

Really tremendous rugby skills, jolly good year 5!

Our pupils have been treated to an excellent production of The Wizard of Oz!


Year 5 were very engaged whilst using TT Rockstars. They have been given log in details to use on their devices at home!

Rock on!

Very thoughtful, creative artists. We will use our prayer stones regularly during our class led liturgies. 

Well, the children certainly enjoyed our stone hunt.

We’re on a stone hunt!

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)
Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)
Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

Year 5 are currently designing prayer stones, before go on a stone hunt. We shall paint our beautiful designs onto these stones.


 ”What wonderful artists we are!”, exclaimed Mr Ashenhurst.

Parents, families, friends of St. Clare's and pupils, 


Welcome to the Year 5 web page. Here you will find images, videos and updates of your children's education at school. Our first topic is all about Ancient Egypt; we plan to have a very exciting time indeed,both as Egyptians and historians. I will inform the children when updates are put on this page, so you can look together at home. 


We are going to have a truly tremendous year as we strive for excellence in every aspect of the curriculum and school life. We shall learn together, having a wonderful time along the way. 

Per Ardua ad AltaThrough Efforts to High Achievements 


Kindest Regards, 

Mr. B. Ashenhurst BSc.(H) PGCE MCCT 

Year 5 have worked as tutors today, teaching the wonderful Year 2 pupils how to peer spell (excellently!). I was exceptionally impressed. 

Year 5 - 2017/18

Mr Ashenhurst & Ms Aldridge welcome you.

What a marvellous occasion, well done Y5 and all of the other musical children at Saint Clare’s

Equality - We are all equal & different

We spoke about equality, difference and God’s never ending love for all.

Painting our clay models 

Magical Maths Assembly

Air Drying Clay - Habitats & Landscapes

Gardening & Sketching

Y5 - Creative Artists

We have such fun...

Year 5 - Singing Beautifully

Spring Spruce Up

The children of year 5 worked as grand gardeners, to transform the pond area. Well done, we shall continue to look after this area throughout the year.


Thank you year 4, we enjoyed smelling your smoothies and guessing what fruit you used. They looked and smelt delicious!  


Paint on our faces and paper!

Dukes Barn Photographs continued:

Dukes Barn (Day 2)

Dukes Barn (Day 1)


All of the children have had a wonderful first day. The day starting with a tour of the great facilities. When the children went to their dorms, they had to make their own beds (quite interesting, and eye opening!). We then enjoyed lunch in the sun, before going out to enjoy the activities pictured below. Your marvellous children enjoyed a fabulous meal, and refreshing drinks on tap! The children are now playing games or watching a film. I am a very proud teacher, as always. 

Mr Ashenhurst, Mrs Liddle, Miss Boam & Mr Bexon

Painting (Hard Boiled) Eggs 

The children had a marvellous time at Cadbury World. They represented the school in an impeccable manner. Well done Y5, I am very proud of you, again!

Mr Ashenhurst 

Steel Pan Performance - March 2018

The children performed the theme tune from EastEnders and when the saints go marching in. Year 5 performed exceptionally and displayed many excellent attributes the school celebrates, such as: resilience, patience, determination, cooperation and confidence.

A thoroughly well earn't, well done, 

Mr Ashenhurst BSc. (H) PGCE

The children on year 5 celebrated World Book Day by creating a Charlie and The Chocolate Factory themed reading area. Pictures to follow (It is a work in progress).

Marvellous Maths Reasoning!

Today the children worked hard to answer maths questions that required a lot of reasoning. I felt extremely proud of my wonderful mathematicians in Y5. 

Mr Ashenhurst 

Egyptian Day

Thank you to Dr. Warrel for guiding Y5 through an exciting day of learning about Ancient Egypt. 


Year 5,

Today we had a marvellous day learning about mummification. Your child became an expert today, they even had a go at mummifying each other with (clean) toilet tissue.

Kind Regards, 

Mr Ashenhurst

Welcome Year 5

Year 5, 

Welcome to your class webpage. Myself and Ms Aldridge are very much looking forward to an excellent year of learning together. We shall work this term as historians, learning about the many wonders of Ancient Egypt - I am sure we are going to have a marvellous time. We shall strive to produce our very best within all areas of the curriculum, yet most importantly, having a jolly good time. 


'Per Ardua Ad Alta'


Through Efforts to High Achievements


Kind Regards, 

Mr Ashenhurst