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Welcome to St Clare's, we are a centre of excellence for "Talk for Learning"!

Year 6  Home Learning



Gratitude Workshop and Poetry Competition

Some lovely activities to complete with your children.


Worksheet 1.docx

Worksheet 2.docx

Worksheet 3.docx

HH Poetry Comp letter.doc


Understanding what is happening and how it might make you feel.

Year 6 Coronavirus Support Resource.pdf


RE Activities

There are 4 bible stories that we learn about in Year 6, on the attached sheet are some activities for you to do after reading them.


Prayer ideas and Home Liturgies


*NEW* Cafod Home Learning

Worksheet  Look22Mar2020.pdf

 There is also a virtual children’s liturgy that can be accessed live (or at a later time), by registering with CAFOD


Maths Activities

The children are to complete activities from the CPG books, one or two a day. I will add extra work here as we progress through the weeks.


Reading Comprehensions

Complete a comprehension from either the poetry, fiction or non-fiction CPG books each day.



See the linked sheet that was sent home.

Closure work letter 2020 Y6.doc

Website suggestions

Free online resources for closures.docx


*NEW*- Internet safety




 Reading: Helping children with reading: Feel free to download these helpful tips which suggest ideas to help your child with reading at home. If you require a print out of this, please let us know and we will happily send one home.   Tips for reading at home 

Remember to keep up your reading at home. You are always welcome to choose a book from class or from the School Library. This must be looked after really well. Book Circles will take place weekly along with other reading activities.

 Maths: Helping children with maths:

Feel free to download these helpful activities which suggest ideas to help your child with specific areas of maths at home in real life situations. If you require a print out of these, please let us know and we will happily send one home.

Timetables and 24 hour clocks




Number facts



Scaling up and down


Reading bar charts and tables

Time and timelines

 mymaths. Another piece of on-going homework is to make sure that tables are learnt so that their recall is automatic.

Please let your class teacher know if you cannot access mymaths and we will make provisions in school.


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