Our Ethos

St Clare’s is a Catholic faith Community inspired by God’s love, firmly rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and nourished through prayer and worship. Everyone is respected and celebrated as a unique, special and gifted individual. All children and staff in our school are helped to develop in mind, body and spirit, nurturing talents to reach their full potential. We strive to be a happy, holy and inclusive school with staff, children, families and governors working together towards excellence. We endeavour to make a positive contribution within the Parish and wider Community.

Our Aims

  • To build and develop our Catholic faith community and actively promote the partnership of home, school, parish and the wider world.
  • Leading by example, we encourage all members of our community to value, respect and co-operate with each other and others, learning to show love, kindness, tolerance and patience. To develop team- work between children, families, staff and governors, so that we can improve and develop.
  • To learn about the world we live in, promote democracy and celebrate the rich diversity of our community and wider world.
  • To provide a safe; welcoming; stimulating and healthy environment.
  • To facilitate achievement by developing life- long learning skills through an enjoyable, balanced, differentiated and creative curriculum, which nurtures a positive self-image and regard for others.