Dealing with Bullying

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Advice for Pupils 

It is not okay to be bullied or to bully 

If you are being bullied 

-Tell an adult or somebody you trust what has happened straight away. 

-Get away from the situation as quickly as possible. 

-Try to stay calm and look as confident as you can. 

-Be firm and clear – look them in the eye and, if possible, tell them to stop and tell them how you feel. 

After you have been bullied 

-Tell a teacher or another adult you trust within school. 

-Tell your family. 

-If you are scared to tell a teacher or adult on your own, ask a friend to go with you. 

-Keep on speaking until someone listens and does something to stop the bullying. 

-Don’t blame yourself for what has happened 

When you are talking to an adult about bullying be clear about 

-What has happened to you. 

-How often it has happened. 

-Who was involved. 

-Who saw what was happening. 

-Where it happened. 

-What you have done about it already. 

If you experience bullying by mobile phone text messages or e-mail 

-Tell a friend, parent or teacher. 

-Be careful who you give your mobile phone number or e-mail address to. 

-Make a note of exactly when a threatening message was sent. 

A complete copy of the Anti-Bullying Policy can be obtained through the school office or via the school website. 

Saint Clare's Catholic Primary School