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Welcome to Year 6

Teacher: Mrs Dushan and Mrs Southall.

STA: Mrs McHugh

Ultimate Maths SATs 2017

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A very special thank you to Mr. Edward Noon for a fabulous blogging session. It was really helpful! Thank you especially for patiently answering our never-ending questions. 

Year 6 making VIRTUAL A REALITY....

Electrifying Science Assembly

Monday 20th February 2017

2017 Key Stage 2 tests

A summary of the Key Stage 2 tests that the Year 6 pupils will take in May 2017.

Viking Day

Year 6 had an amazing time when they welcomed ‘Viking warriors’ (Holly and Mrs Brearley) to spend some time with them. They took part in a workshop, which taught them all about how Vikings lived. They came to school dressed as Vikings, made Viking longboat, played Viking games and learnt about Viking warfare, homes, food, trade and much more.

SATs Information February 2017

KS2 SATs February 2017.ppt



 Please make sure all PE kit is in school at all times.

 Reading: Helping children with reading: Feel free to download these helpful tips which suggest ideas to help your child with reading at home. If you require a print out of this, please let us know and we will happily send one home.   Tips for reading at home 

Remember to keep up your reading at home. You are always welcome to choose a book from class or from the School Library. This must be looked after really well. Book Circles will take place weekly along with other reading activities.

 Maths: Helping children with maths:

Feel free to download these helpful activities which suggest ideas to help your child with specific areas of maths at home in real life situations. If you require a print out of these, please let us know and we will happily send one home.

Timetables and 24 hour clocks




Number facts



Scaling up and down


Reading bar charts and tables

Time and timelines

 mymaths. Another piece of on-going homework is to make sure that tables are learnt so that their recall is automatic.

Please let your class teacher know if you cannot access mymaths and we will make provisions in school.


Viking Day fun!

Circuits: We have been doing a circuit investigation involving wires, light bulbs, cells and much more. We’ve learnt all the scientific symbols for all these things..

Our Top Writers :-)

Learning is fun! (Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. INVOLVE ME AND I LEARN.....Benjamin Franklin.

A very warm welcome to our new year 6 class of 2016/ 2017. We hope you have all had a wonderful summer and look forward to getting to know you all (again) in the coming days. 

This year will no doubt bring new challenges, but also new amazing opportunities. We have the Crich residential trip next May, incredible topics like Vikings, Evolution science where we have an excavation day and orienteering session during our 'I'm a Year 6 get me out of here' survival topic!

We want this year to be your most successful yet and want to help you achieve all your goals in order for you to enjoy your time with us and be ready for the next big step of high school this time next year!

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