Year 2 Lent 2 Week Beginning the 22.2.21.


For homework this week complete the RE homework that has been set, as this will need returning to school on Monday 8th March 2021.

Also, using the homework sheet practise the spelling by completing the activities, TTRS, Maths Magician and Reading using Rising Stars Reading Planet.

Wk 8 Lent Spelling Group

Wk 8 Lent MM

Explore Opportunities 2021 Homework

Home Learning Slides for Maths this week:

Maths Home Learning Lent 2 Wk2

Monday Wk 2-Block-1-WO4-Tens-and-ones-using-addition-2019



Monday Wk 2-Block-1-WO4-Tens-and-ones-using-addition-2019

Monday Wk2 -Block-1-ANS4-Tens-and-ones-using-addition


Please refer to the English slides for today’s lesson.

Art: Watch the video and complete choose and complete the activities.






Tuesday Wk2 – Block-1-WO5-Use-a-place-value-chart-2019


Please refer to the English slides for today’s lesson.

Year 2 English Grammar and Punctuation 2

Handwriting Practice – Continuous CursiveRSE:

This session helps children to recognise safe and unsafe situations in
real life and online. Through activities and the story of Smartie the
Penguin, children will understand that being safe is not just about
physical precautions, they need to feel safe on the inside too.
This resource embeds the resource ‘Smartie the Penguin’ by Childnet
International within the programme, ‘Life to the Full’.

Think about and discuss activities we do and how we try to stay safe. You can research with an adult about to stay safe or you could play pictionary or charades using the ideas below:
• Wear a helmet when cycling
• Wear oven gloves when taking something out the oven
• Wear a seatbelt in the car
• Wear sunscreen and a hat when out in the sun
• Use a map when going out in the countryside
• Stop, Look and Listen when crossing the road
• Use stabilisers until you can ride your bike without

Complete this activity below to understand certain words and what they mean:

Important words to check understanding of:
Tablet – e.g. iPads
Deleted – Slide 27, to permanently remove something and stop seeing it
Block – Slide 43, to stop someone from contacting you again in the future.
Report – Slide 43, to tell the game, app or website that someone isn’t being very nice, just
like you would tell a teacher who would be able to help you.
Mute – Slide 43, to silence or ‘mute’ messages so you don’t have to see them, but the
other player doesn’t know.



Wednesday Wk2 -Compare-objects-2019

Wednesday Wk2 -Compare-objects


Please refer to the English slides for today’s lesson.

Reading Comprehension:

Remember to one to complete:

Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin Differentiated Reading Comprehension ActivityRE: Complete the RE homework that has been set – this will need to be returned with your child on Monday 8th March. This work will be stuck into RE books, so please think about the presentation and the full answers to the questions.

Thursday: World Book Day

Please join us in your PJs today.


Thursday Wk2 -Compare-numbers-2019

Thursday Wk2 -Compare-numbers


Please refer to the English slides for today’s lesson.

World Book Day Activities: 

Design and paint a Story Spud character. This needs to be a chosen character from one of your favourite stories. Take a photo and send into Mrs Goodman to enter the World Book Day Story Spud competition.

Make a bookmark.

Please refer to the information for both of the above activities.


Thursday -Book-Review-Writing-FrameStory Spuds




Friday Wk2-Order-objects-and-numbers-2019

Friday Wk2 Order-objects-and-numbers


Please refer to the English slides for today’s lesson.

Computing: Please find the PowerPoint for this lesson on Dojos on Friday.