Home learning for EYFS:

EVERYDAY please can your child have a go at these activities listed below throughout the day:

Read phonic sound cards. 

Count to 20 or more.

Order your numbercards to 10 then 20. Can you name 1 more? 1 less? Which one is missing? Play number games with the cards.

Read high frequency words and tricky words.

Write name.

When writing words write letters in precursive style.

Sing the alphabet.

Read book (use online Oxford Owl)

Use the following link to access Oxford Owl:



Please choose a book that your child can sound out. You can filter the books to choose 4/5 year olds, choose to select read, write inc books or select pink or red book bookband books. Please ask for help if you need it. Unfortunately, we cannot send actual books home. Please ask your child to read daily with you. Also, them listening to a storybook and talking about it with you is hugely beneficial. Thank you for all your help.

Tuesday 8th June

English We are revising the sound ‘ow’ as in ‘cow’

Read the ‘phoneme spotter ‘story together. Find the words with ‘ow’ in them and make a list. You could use these words to write some sentences of your own.

ow spotter story

Fill in the worksheet . Write the words.

ow worksheets

Maths Watch maths video


We are learning about doubling.

Have a go at the activity.

Doubling – PDF-Find-My-Pattern-Wk-1-Session-1-Doubling-new

CHALLENGE – Tuesday session 2 Ordering Numerals-to-20

Other subjects RSE – We are learning how we are all unique. Draw a picture of yourself, colour it in and write a simple sentence saying why you are special. Discuss with your mum what makes you unique.

i.e. I am a kind child.

Wednesday 9th June

English Today we are remembering  the sound ‘er’

Have a go at reading the words and decide if they are real or nonsense.

real and nonsense words

Can you write some of the real words into sentences?

Send us pictures of your writing on dojos.



Math Watch the video for today’s math lesson.


Activity – PDF-Find-My-Pattern-Wk-1-Session-2-Doubling-2 Use paint or draw with crayons.

Additional activity. Have a go – Ordering-to-30

OPTIONAL ACTIVITY – 1-10 number-formation-Look-trace-and-write-activity.

RE This week we are learning about a different religion- Islam. Muslims say prayers on special Prayer mats. They take off their shoes before stepping on the prayer mat as a sign of respect. Have a look on the internet with an adult and look at  the beautiful  different patterns people have on their prayer mats.

They never have people or animals on them and they always have a lovely arch and patterns. Design your own Prayer mat and send a picture on the dojos.

Design a prayer mat

prayer mat

Thursday 10th June

English Today we are remembering the sound ‘or’

Have a go at the real and nonsense sheet- you could cut them out and stick them into 2 different groups.

Choose some of the real words and write some sentences.

real or nonsense or

There is also a ‘roll and read’ game to play to practise your reading.

roll and read or


Maths Watch the video


Activity – PDF-Find-My-Pattern-Wk-1-Session-3-Doubles-Dice-Game

RE In RE we are learning about Islam.

We go to church to pray but muslims go to a Mosque. Have a look with an adult at some beautiful Mosques online. Have a look at the worksheets attached and see if you can design your own mosque.

Design a Mosque



Friday 11th June

English Today we are revising our ‘tricky words’.

Practise  the cards you have at home.  You need to be able to read and spell them .

Have a go at the booklet.

tricky words

Maths Watch the video for today’s math lesson.


Activity – PDF-Find-My-Pattern-Wk-1-Session-5-Domino-Game

Activity – PDF-Find-My-Pattern-Wk-1-Session-4-Doubles-Barrier-Game

Take a photo and upload onto your portfolio!



Take part in a Joe Wick’s P.E. lesson.